Auto Electrical Repair in Redmond, WA

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Every vehicle is built with an intuitive electrical system that helps get the car started and keeps it powered. Today's technology has made this system work harder than ever, as new vehicles are equipped with a variety of features such as rear-view cameras, motion detectors, and display monitors that can pull directly from a smart phone. To make sure that all of these features as well as the critical systems within your vehicle are still functioning, the electrical system must be functioning, too. That's where KD Automotive can help. Our shop in Redmond, Washington, is staffed with some of the best auto electricians in the area, all of whom are capable of providing the high-quality auto electrical repair services you need. Whether you need the alternator inspected or the battery replaced, we're able to fix any problem the electrical system experiences and keep your car and all its functions powered.

What Makes Up Your Car's Electrical System?

Although it's understandable to think that your vehicle's electrical system is made up of dozens of parts, the truth is that the system is made up of three major components. If one of these components experiences wear or start to fail, the entire system would falter, and the other two components would begin to suffer. At our facility, we believe one of the best ways to protect the electrical system is to know what each component does. Here's what you need to know:

Battery: provides the entire electrical current within your vehicle until it starts. The battery is the reason why your car can start.

Alternator: helps keep the battery charged and the entire system going once the vehicle has started. Although you can start your vehicle with a failing alternator, your car won't be able to stay running for long.

Starter: works with the battery to help "start" your vehicle. A small amount of energy is transferred from the battery into the starter. From there, the starter can help the pistons within the engine start moving through a reaction from the flywheel and crankshaft.

Keep Your Car Powered

Even with significant technology being installed into today's vehicles, your vehicle still depends on key electrical components to get and keep it going. Whether you're having trouble with the radio or you can't start your car, know that KD Automotive in Redmond, Washington, can help. Give us a call at (425) 556-9076 and chat with one of our team members. They'll quickly set you up with a time and ensure your car is in one of our vehicle bays as soon as possible. If you're on a busier schedule or if you just want to stop by and book a visit in person, feel free to visit us on 9715 Willows Road. We offer after-hours drop-off and pick-up services, so you can continue with your day while your car is being serviced. Whenever you're finished, know that your car will be ready and waiting for you.