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How to know your battery needs replacing

Lift Your Hood! Keep Your Battery Clean One of the essential components of a vehicle most drivers don’t check frequently is the battery. Our main power source sits under the hood minding her own business, but how often do you lift your hood to check for terminal corrosion, a secured battery, and clean cables? KD […]

How Is Your Car Performing?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Enhancing Auto Performance Maybe you feel as if others don’t understand why you’re always thinking about how your car is performing. At KD Automotive in Redmond, Washington, we get it. A well performing vehicle makes your heartbeat a little faster. As a shop with roots in racing, prime performance gets […]

Why Car Maintenance Matters

WHY CAR MAINTENANCE MATTERS It’s no secret how to get the greatest return on your investment in a new or pre-owned vehicle. However, many people commit the “cardinal sin’ of waiting until something on the car stops working before they give it the attention it deserves. Maintenance should be looked at as an absolute necessity, […]