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2012 Volkswagen Tiguan


Volkswagen Tiguan

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  • 1. Audi/VW standards for oil consumption are: – Up to 0.5 quarts per 600 miles – Up to 0.5 liters per 1000 kilometers (km) This information is stated in TSB# 17-09-14 (Audi) and 17-08-03 (VW). 2. If engine oil that does not meet Audi/VW standards as listed in TSB# 17-09-12 (Audi) and 17-08-01 (VW) is used, this can cause excessive oil consumption. 3. If engine oil is not changed according to recommended service intervals, excessive oil consumption is possible. Be sure that the oil being used meets the Audi/VW standards for the vehicle. Incorrect oil use can act like an oil consumption concern. 4. On turbocharged engines, it is common for the turbo seal to fail and leak oil into the exhaust and boost pressure side of the turbo. This can exhibit oil consumption symptoms due to oil not remaining in the lubrication system. 5. A failure in the crankcase breather system can exhibit oil consumption symptoms. 6. If the owner of the vehicle is worried about excessive oil consumption, an "Oil Consumption Test" can be performed using the factory scan tool (VAS 505X). This is typically considered a "Customer Pay" job, but may turn into a "Warranty" job depending on the results of the test and relationship with the dealership.
  • Vehicle Safety and Maintenance Inspection
  • PCV VALVE – Remove and Replace – On Top of Cam Cover
  • OIL SEPARATOR – Remove and Replace – Side of Block
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