Engine Knocking

Why is My Engine Knocking?

Is it Low Oil or a Spark Plug?

Carbon deposits, spark plugs, worn bearings, lousy knock sensors. KD Automotive in Redmond, Washington, is here to tell you about all the possible causes of engine knocking and the best ways to prevent it. One of the most common signs of engine knocking is low oil. When was the last time you checked your oil levels? Carbon deposits are caused by burning oil or simply incomplete combustion from an engine misfiring. The deposits coat the pistons, cylinder heads, and engine parts, resulting in engine knocking.

Like putting in the correct type of transmission fluid, the correct type of octane is just as important to the health of your vehicle’s engine. The right type of octane you put into your vehicle may prevent engine knocking noises. You’ve probably heard that funky, odd sound, like a car gurgling soda and then burping as it rolls into the gas station. That’s the sound we want to avoid.

One recommendation is to read your manufacturer’s handbook and know the type of octane that should be used for your vehicle. Once you know the octane number, you will always fill up correctly and avoid engine knocking. Remember, certain vehicles require a specific octane. You need to know if your vehicle requires a different octane than 87, the most used octane. Filling up with anything other than what the vehicle requires may damage the engine.

Most vehicles have a knock sensor installed to detect engine knocks to prevent mishaps. This sensor detects air/fuel ratios and fuel injection systems. Sometimes a knock sensor is faulty or damaged. This can lead to an engine knock. If it’s only the sensor, it’s usually a simple repair, and we will have you back on the road quickly. Engine knocking could be as simple as dirty and worn-out spark plugs. When the plugs misfire, unburned fuel in the cylinders isn’t sparking correctly, burning fuel in each revolution.

If your vehicle is knocking, our door is open to assist you with any auto repairs, including engine knocking. Please stop by our shop at 9175 Willows Rd NE Redmond, WA 98052 or give us a call at (425) 556-9076 today.

Written by KD Automotive