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At KD Automotive, we want to make sure you’re driving the best version of your vehicle. To achieve that goal, the most critical system within the car -- the engine -- must be operating correctly. Our facility in Redmond, Washington, can make that happen, as our shop is home to some of the best engine repair experts in the area. Our automotive professionals work hand-in-hand with you to find the right solutions for your car’s situation. They’ll make sure to provide tailored solutions, and you’ll never have to worry about our technicians throwing parts and services at a problem. Your car will only get the best engine repair services, and nothing less.

How to Protect Your Engine

When vehicle owners think about how to properly maintain the engine, one of the things they think about is bringing it in for service. Although we agree and encourage this, there’s more that you can do to protect the engine. What you do outside of our shop can help your engine in the long run, so if you’re wondering what you can do, make sure to follow these recommendations:

  • Routine Oil Changes: Motor oil helps keep the engine clean and lubricated. As it gets worn and dirty, many of the helpful additives that make up the oil begin to disappear, which can lead to additional problems. By following a consistent oil change service, you can make sure that the engine is always utilizing motor oil that has the properties that keep the engine going.
  • Please Don’t Ignore The Check Engine Light: Although the check engine light can be frustrating and annoying, it’s important for you to not ignore it. This warning light lets you know when something is wrong well before the problem gets worse, so it’s good to act as soon as you see it. Unfortunately, the light doesn’t let you know what specifically is wrong, but acting quickly can help you prevent any problems from occurring within the engine if that’s where the problem is.

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The engine is one of the most critical systems in your vehicle, and it’s essential to the full power of your vehicle. If you experience any problems with the engine, major or minor, make sure you have it serviced by professionals who know what to do. Make sure you have it serviced by KD Automotive, the engine repair experts in Redmond, Washington. Our knowledgeable and experienced auto professionals utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment to find and fix whatever is wrong with the engine. From simple oil changes to engine misfires, know we can solve any problem you may have.

You can schedule your next engine repair service by calling us at (425) 556-9076, as our team would be more than happy to help. If you’re close by, you can also visit us on 9715 Willows Road and schedule your visit in person. We can’t wait to work with you.