How Is Your Car Performing?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Enhancing Auto Performance

Maybe you feel as if others don’t understand why you’re always thinking about how your car is performing. At KD Automotive in Redmond, Washington, we get it. A well performing vehicle makes your heartbeat a little faster. As a shop with roots in racing, prime performance gets us revved up, too. If you’re ready to assess your car’s performance and take appropriate steps to enhance it, let the technicians at KD Automotive in Redmond, Washington, assist you. From our humble beginnings in an unheated facility with no running water and a single mechanic to a modern, well-equipped shop, we’ve never lost our passion for performance.

Don’t Do These Things in the Name of Performance

When trying to enhance performance, most auto enthusiasts know that they need to increase horsepower, improve handling, and control component/overall weight. In pursuit of those goals, some are led to make what might be categorized as performance mistakes. Perhaps you don’t want to do certain things. For example, even though gravity cast wheels are associated with the appearance of speed, resist the urge to purchase them. They’re quite heavy which contradicts a major performance target. Also, be mindful of what you do with your desire to increase airflow. Short ram intakes, for instance, are not as effective as one might think. If your vehicle has electronic fuel injection and naturally aspirates, avoid installing a cold air intake. You risk hydro lock, yet you don’t gain horsepower. Furthermore, don’t pick performance enhancement as the area for big savings. Specifically, inexpensive electric motors found on some superchargers burn out and actually block your car’s ability to take in air. Likewise, generic supercharger and turbo kits ordered from less-than-reputable internet sites can fail. Finally, never compromise safety. Don’t cut the auto’s springs as this can negatively impact handling. Also, never use weight as an excuse to remove safety equipment such as airbags.

Consider These Performance Upgrades

Aside from the above-mentioned warnings, there are some performance upgrades you might want to consider. Be aware that generally, you get what you pay for. Therefore, beware of substandard, cheap “performance” parts. If your engine is turbocharged, your auto may benefit from a cold air intake with a programmable ECU. You may also choose to change your exhaust system. This can enhance torque and horsepower. To protect the engine from itself in this situation, think about an oil pan upgrade. If you want to change the suspension stance, try lowering springs or good coil overs. Although the smoothness of your ride will suffer, your handling will improve. Also, select pressure cast or forged wheels and excellent tires. Drive carefully and use the best safety equipment available. Finally, get the expert help you need for performance and all auto repairs at KD Automotive.

Written by KD Automotive