How often do you need wheel alignment?

Stress-Free Driving

Align Your Tires Every 6,000 Miles

The best habit for stress-free driving is to have preventative maintenance
performed on your vehicle at KD Automotive in Redmond, Washington. We start at the tires and analyze the alignment, suspension, shocks, and struts to keep your vehicle safe. Our experienced technicians will review your vehicle’s alignment and make the appropriate recommendation for your vehicle.

There are specific milestone numbers that are important to you as a driver. Three thousand miles, 6,000 miles, and 30,000 miles. At 3,000 miles, it’s recommended to change your oil and filter. At 30,000, it’s usually time to either flush or change your transmission fluid. What happens at 6,000 miles? Think. It’s a wheel alignment.

Those precious round rubber objects that keep your tires on the road and keep you moving forward. Adequately aligned wheels increase tire tread, improve rideability, and keep the suspension in good condition. Tires that are aligned will not become cupped. This happens when the tire experiences ups and downs in the tread, causing a bumpy ride and perhaps pulling the car to one side of the road when braking. When your tires are correctly aligned, the vehicle will handle better, providing a safer drive.

When you don’t align your tires every 6,000 miles, steering problems may arise, and In the case of split-second thinking, it could save you from a potential accident. You may notice you need an alignment when the steering wheel doesn’t return to the center, your steering isn’t centered, and the steering feels loose.

Fuel efficiency is also connected to proper tire alignment. The harder your vehicle must work, the more fuel it needs to burn. When your gas bill is going up, and you’re driving the same number of miles, it’s a sign to have the alignment and tires looked over.

Wheels becoming misaligned can be caused by hitting potholes, curbs, debris in the road, minor fender benders, bad shocks or struts, and vehicle lifting. If you’re experiencing any warning signs, KD Automotive invites you to stop by at 9175 Willows Rd NE Redmond, WA 98052 or call us at (425) 556-9076.

Written by KD Automotive