Quick Facts on Auto Electrical Repair

Essential Knowledge About Auto Electrical Repair

As vehicles get more complex and include more automated comforts and features, the resulting maze of electrical wiring and potential problems may seem overwhelming. Perhaps you just want someone to “give it to you straight” when talking about auto electrical repair. In the Redmond, Washington, vicinity, KD Automotive is the trusted shop to do that.

The Big Three

No matter how many bells and whistles a vehicle sports, you’ll find that three major components are at the heart of the automobile’s electrical function. These include the battery, alternator, and starter. In traditional cars (those with internal combustion engines), the battery provides the electrical current necessary for ignition. Power sufficient for cranking should be easily stored in the battery. If it isn’t, a technician can look at the battery to see if it’s exterior is in good condition and use a meter (DVOM or Digital Volt Ohm Meter) to check the battery’s charge. If the battery checks out okay, but has been drained of power (such as by lights left on), connecting to a battery charger should remedy the problem. An additional electrical system component worthy of the top three status is the alternator. As you operate your vehicle, it helps run electrical accessories, provide engine ignition, and power the control system. Extra electricity is stored in the battery for future use. (i.e., The alternator recharges your car’s battery as you drive.) Finally, the starter is a small DC motor, but it uses power directly from the battery to turn the crankshaft and start the vehicle. If you hear a slowing of the typical starting sound, you could have an ailing or underpowered starter. To prevent unnecessary trouble, the starter should be maintained such that it is free of dirt build-up. Also, it’s a good practice to start your car with the air conditioner and fan off.

Accessories and Necessities

As described, you need these three necessities for cranking and driving your vehicle. However, there is also a myriad of accessories (in ever-increasing numbers) that require electrical power. These add additional lights, wiring, and fuses to newer cars. Each of these components must be properly maintained to keep your automobile in good working order. What’s more, should you need electrical repair for all these extras, additional knowledge, expertise, and time may be required to solve the problem(s). The good news is that while some components powered by electrical currents such as headlights and turn signals are necessary for safety, others are for pleasure or comfort. Despite what your teenager tells you, it is indeed possible to operate your vehicle without using a sound system and speakers until you can get a power problem solved. If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t stress. Bring your car to KD Automotive for all needed electrical repairs.

Written by KD Automotive