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Have you ever decided to "put your pedal to the metal?" Have you ever experienced the full power of your vehicle's engine? If so, we're sure it was an exhilarating feeling! Few things contribute more to a well-performing engine than the radiator. The radiator helps cool down the engine by circulating cooled liquid throughout the system, so any problems with it can quickly lead to engine overheating. At KD Automotive, we make sure that a car's radiator is always functioning so that the engine never overheats. Our experienced technicians use their extensive training and our selection of high-quality parts and tools so that they can perform the necessary services. We'll also explain how the problem may have happened, so you can be aware and know what to do in the future. Visit our shop in Redmond, Washington, and learn how we can protect and improve your car's radiator!

Is Your Radiator Leaking?

One of the most common problems radiators deal with is leaking. But just because this is a common issue doesn't mean you should be ok with it happening. Leaks could lead to worse issues such as overheating, and major problems could leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Visible Leaking: one of the easiest ways to determine if your vehicle is suffering from a leak is to check underneath the car. You can identify radiator fluid if it is sticky, has a bright green, orange, or pink color, and if it has a sweet smell. If you see this, make sure to have it brought in for inspection and service, as any leaks could quickly lead to an overheated engine.

Dropping Coolant Level: Although it's normal for the coolant level to rise and fall while driving, it isn't normal if there's a dramatic fall in the level. You can refill the coolant reservoir and reinspect it in a week. If the coolant has dramatically dropped again, that tells you what you need to know.

Schedule Your Radiator Service

One of the most essential pieces to the engine's performance is the radiator, and any problems with it can quickly derail its functionality and your car's performance. If you want to make sure the engine is operating at its best, schedule a radiator repair service with KD Automotive in Redmond, Washington. Our experienced technicians utilize high-quality parts and tools, as well as extensive training, to handle any problem your car's radiator may have. They'll make sure you're fully aware of the process too, so you know exactly what's going on with your vehicle, how it's doing, and what you'll be paying. From leaks to broken hoses, know that we have your back. You can schedule your radiator service by calling our shop at (425) 556-9076 or by visiting us on 9715 Willows Road. We'd love to chat with you and determine what the best solution is for your vehicle!