Wheel Alignment in Redmond, WA

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Despite the name, wheel alignment service isn't focused on the wheels of your car, but the suspension system. At KD Automotive, we specifically focus on three angles that make up proper wheel alignment: the camber, caster, and toe. When these angles are properly aligned, you're able to drive with ultimate steering and handling. At our shop in Redmond, Washington, our professional auto technicians can make sure that the wheels of your vehicle are hitting the road at optimal angles. They utilize high-quality realignment and diagnostic tools to determine the severity of the misalignment and fix it so you can drive away with the control you need.

Suffering From Misalignment?

One of the frustrating things about wheel misalignment is how easily it can happen. It can be caused by something as minor as hitting a small pothole, but the short and long term problems that can come with it can be serious. Fortunately, you can prevent any problems from worsening if you understand the common misalignment warning signs. By knowing the signs, you can get ahead of any problems before it worsens, so here's what you need to look for:

Pulling: a classic sign of misalignment, any sign of pulling is a clear indicator that your vehicle is misaligned. This typically feels like your car drifting one way or another while the steering wheel is straight, and it's dangerous to drive with. If you notice this problem, don't just deal with it. Bring your car in for realignment service immediately.

Crooked Steering Wheel: are you having to turn the steering wheel at odd angles just to keep the tires straight? If so, this is another clear sign of misalignment, and it can be frustrating and dangerous to deal with. Like pulling, we recommend visiting us for realignment service as soon as possible.

Let Us Help You

Whether you're driving to the grocery store or you're making a trip into the city, you expect to have full control of your vehicle. If you're having trouble steering, KD Automotive in Redmond, Washington, can help. Our facility is home to state-of-the-art equipment and expert techs that can quickly realign your car's suspension system and provide you with the stability and reliable steering you need. After realignment service with us, you won't have to worry about fighting your car for control any longer. Schedule your realignment service by calling our shop at (425) 556-9076 or by visiting us on 9715 Willows Road. We'd love to help you gain full control of your vehicle!