Why Car Maintenance Matters


It’s no secret how to get the greatest return on your investment in a new or pre-owned vehicle. However, many people commit the “cardinal sin’ of waiting until something on the car stops working before they give it the attention it deserves. Maintenance should be looked at as an absolute necessity, like gas or oil. Speaking of motor oil, many vehicle owners will avoid changing the oil in their car until the very last minute. This causes the engine to work harder, decreases its overall efficiency, shortens it’s road-life, and reduces the vehicle’s resale value.

Engines That Work Smarter, Not Harder

If engines could think they would wonder what takes drivers so long to change their oil. We’re all busy, and vehicle maintenance may not be at the top of our to-do list. But among the many maintenance needs that your vehicle will have, none is more important than the engine. Motor oil is used to prevent the engine’s mechanical parts from colliding, creating friction, and ultimately overheating. Routine maintenance checks from KD Automotive in Redmond, WA will keep your vehicle’s engine in great condition.

Improve Your Vehicle’s Overall Efficiency

We all want to get the most efficient use out of our vehicles. Meaning, the time and money that we put into our vehicle should all be worthwhile. How do you ensure that? Adhere to a maintenance schedule. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s suggestions. The owner’s manual provides you with the maintenance tips and schedules that should be applied to your specific make and model. It’s also a good idea to visit KD Automotive, because our technicians can make any necessary adjustments to your car maintenance schedule to match your vehicle’s specific needs and driving purposes.

Extend Your Vehicle’s Road-Life

Let’s be honest. Some people can be pretty rough on cars. Not only do they drive recklessly, but they also fail to bring their vehicles to a qualified repair shop for maintenance. And then they’re surprised when they’re back at the car dealership looking for a replacement, or finally at the repair shop needing a major part replacement. Car maintenance is the way to keep you and your vehicle on the road, and away from major repair needs. Normal wear-and-tear is expected, however, a responsible vehicle owner will always keep up with their vehicle’s maintenance. This includes oil and filter changes, and quick but thorough inspections.

Retain Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

There will come a day when you no longer what to drive your vehicle, and you’ll want to replace it with something more suitable. You’ll need to do something with your current vehicle, whether it’s sell it, trade it in, or give it away. Most people will want to use their old vehicle in order to get a new one. That plan sounds great, until you find out that your vehicle is not worth what you thought it was. The negligent way you’ve treated over the years, by ignoring its maintenance needs, will rear its ugly head.

Written by KD Automotive