Why You Should Get Wheel Alignments


Your vehicle’s wheels need to be aligned regularly because of normal wear-and-tear. Wheel alignment service is one of those repairs that people will ignore until the last minute, or until it’s “too late.” Too late means that the misaligned wheels have led to a worn/flat tire or an accident. Misaligned wheels can cause extensive damages that are 100% preventable. Pay attention to all of the warning signs and get a wheel alignment on a regular basis, especially after a severe impact or collision with a curb, pothole, or vehicle.

Preserve Your Tire Tread

Getting your vehicle’s wheels aligned will preserve the tires’ tread. When wheels are misaligned, it causes the tire tread to wear unevenly, which ultimately leads to you needing to replace the tires before expected. If you pay attention to your vehicle’s tires, you will see the red flags. One side of the tire balding faster than the other side is an obvious sign that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment service. The technicians at KD Automotive in Redmond, WA use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to perform precise wheel alignments.

After That Pothole Collision

Sometimes those potholes come out of nowhere. And if you had seen it, you would’ve avoided it. Even if it’s not that time of year, you should let us inspect your vehicle after any severe impact that may have compromised its wheels. Keep in mind, it’s not necessary to have had one severe impact; you might need a wheel alignment service after a thousand small impacts. The end result is the same, and just as dangerous. Make a wheel alignment part of your routine maintenance, especially if you drive across rough terrain.

Take Back Control of Your Car

It may sound like a no-brainer that you need to maintain control of your car when driving. The wheel alignment is meant to keep your vehicle driving down the road in a straight line, with or without your hands on the steering wheel. When your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, it will start to drift to the right or left on its own. Drivers may unknowingly overcompensate for the drift, and it goes unnoticed. Many people are driving their vehicles right now, without realizing that they are not in complete control. A regular wheel alignment service will stop your vehicle from drifting out of your control, and into oncoming traffic.

Written by KD Automotive