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Engine Knocking

Why is My Engine Knocking? Is it Low Oil or a Spark Plug? Carbon deposits, spark plugs, worn bearings, lousy knock sensors. KD Automotive in Redmond, Washington, is here to tell you about all the possible causes of engine knocking and the best ways to prevent it. One of the most common signs of engine […]

How to know your battery needs replacing

Lift Your Hood! Keep Your Battery Clean One of the essential components of a vehicle most drivers don’t check frequently is the battery. Our main power source sits under the hood minding her own business, but how often do you lift your hood to check for terminal corrosion, a secured battery, and clean cables? KD […]

Brake Failure SIgns

Look Out, it’s a Deer! Leaks, Heat, and Brake Failure KD Automotive in Redmond, Washington, wants to know if you’ve ever had to suddenly hit your brakes for a deer on the road. It’s a scary thought. Do you swerve or brake hard? In this quick decision-making moment, it’s good to know your brakes are […]

Quick Facts on Auto Electrical Repair

Essential Knowledge About Auto Electrical Repair As vehicles get more complex and include more automated comforts and features, the resulting maze of electrical wiring and potential problems may seem overwhelming. Perhaps you just want someone to “give it to you straight” when talking about auto electrical repair. In the Redmond, Washington, vicinity, KD Automotive is […]

The Observable Call for Engine Repair

Is Your Vehicle Asking for Engine Repair? You can’t see your car’s engine because it’s hidden beneath the hood and within the confines of exterior panels and the grill. If the vehicle’s exterior looks great, you might be tempted to ignore what’s contained within the engine compartment–until you try to operate the auto and discover […]

What’s The Purpose of Brake Fluid?

Brake Fluid 101: A Let’s-Not-Have-A-Crash Course Imagine this. You’re on the heavily traveled Interstate going full speed when a large truck cuts you off. You’re motoring through your neighborhood when a child rides his bicycle out of a driveway directly into your path. What would happen if this were the time you discovered your brakes […]

How Is Your Car Performing?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Enhancing Auto Performance Maybe you feel as if others don’t understand why you’re always thinking about how your car is performing. At KD Automotive in Redmond, Washington, we get it. A well performing vehicle makes your heartbeat a little faster. As a shop with roots in racing, prime performance gets […]

Exhaust System Part Repairs

WHAT PARTS ARE IN THE EXHAUST SYSTEM? The exhaust system is a part of the vehicle that often goes unnoticed, no matter how much noise it makes or how much harmful toxins it emits. From the front seat, it may be hard for drivers to even recognize what condition their vehicle’s exhaust system is in. […]

Why You Should Get Wheel Alignments

GET YOUR WHEELS ALIGNED REGULARLY Your vehicle’s wheels need to be aligned regularly because of normal wear-and-tear. Wheel alignment service is one of those repairs that people will ignore until the last minute, or until it’s “too late.” Too late means that the misaligned wheels have led to a worn/flat tire or an accident. Misaligned […]

Why Car Maintenance Matters

WHY CAR MAINTENANCE MATTERS It’s no secret how to get the greatest return on your investment in a new or pre-owned vehicle. However, many people commit the “cardinal sin’ of waiting until something on the car stops working before they give it the attention it deserves. Maintenance should be looked at as an absolute necessity, […]