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Why You Should Get Wheel Alignments

GET YOUR WHEELS ALIGNED REGULARLY Your vehicle’s wheels need to be aligned regularly because of normal wear-and-tear. Wheel alignment service is one of those repairs that people will ignore until the last minute, or until it’s “too late.” Too late means that the misaligned wheels have led to a worn/flat tire or an accident. Misaligned […]

Why Car Maintenance Matters

WHY CAR MAINTENANCE MATTERS It’s no secret how to get the greatest return on your investment in a new or pre-owned vehicle. However, many people commit the “cardinal sin’ of waiting until something on the car stops working before they give it the attention it deserves. Maintenance should be looked at as an absolute necessity, […]

Car Braking Explained

SAFE CAR BRAKING TIPS Safely driving your vehicle is definitely an acquired skill. It takes time behind the wheel to understand which driving habits are harmful to you, your fellow passengers, and your fellow motorists. Of all the vehicle systems that are often used incorrectly, none is misused more than the braking system. Applying your […]